Klug Orchards/Green Organics  Contact:
Kevin or Cathy Klug, Owners
Phone/ fax Home Office 1-269-684-3311
Mail:8533 Pokagon Rd.BerrienCenter,MI 49102
(Farm Entrance is @ 8405 Pokagon SignDrive)

CSA Membership is LOCAL Partnership thats Healthfully Frugal on Food Budgets too!
CSA Info:"Community Supported Agriculture"

Klug Orchard's "Green Organics"  IS 

Accepting Members
We Accept Paypal online,Credit/ Debit card securely via Square @Mkts or over phone and check via Mail   ! !

~ GREAT Locations for PRODUCE CSA Pickups! ~ 
Klug Orchard's / Green Organics CSA is proud to partner with  families who value Fresh, Wholesome, Michigan home raised produce,110 acres Organics grown with No Petroleum fertilizers, no Herbicides, no GMOs, and only organic pest controls . CSA  members  enjoy a wide assortment of the Freshest, Tastiest Heirloom and new varieties, and can do so at up to 1/3 Greater Value than purchasing the same items at Market !

Examples of what our member farm grows are listed below & our CSA can also be found at “LocalHarvest.org”, Klug Orchards CSA site. No GMOs,only Organic Fertilization, weed mgmt , low spray certified IPM pest mgmt make our produce as natural, sustainable, and tasty as possible for Healthful Enjoyment ! Our CSA Farm is 100% USDA MAEAP Verified (Michigan Govt "GAP" comparable) and grows 110 acres Organic Certified Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Perennials . We do not require Member Work to participate, and member families are exclusively able to  participate in various farm connectivity options. Our Family Farm / membership team partners with Interns, local and skilled helpers to proudly produce the diverse blend of our ever growing list of crops. We enjoy offering ALL customers our Michigans best ; locally family grown for your family's freshest quality, flavor & nutrition.  Your membership provides all aspects from mid winter seeding to full harvests for CSA  crops  through the season, which can usually include a wonderful mix of seasonal selections of items such as ........  
· Asparagus ,Sugar Snap Peas, Beans,  Peppers, Zucchini, Unique & Heirloom Tomatoes, Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Radish, Squash,Rhubarb, Lettuce, Cukes,
Colored Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts
, Bok Choy,  Eggplant,Chinese vegetanles, Sweet Corn, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Various Herbs , Perennials, Ramps, Scapes

· Strawberries, Sweet and  Tart Cherries,Red & Black Raspberries, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Plums, Pears, Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines, Mulberries,

 Blueberries, Blackberries, Apples, Grapes , Black Walnuts, Edible & Beautiful Spring Flowers, Squash Blossoms  &  our own Frozen fruit  & Jams  !                                                    

Klug Orchards Produce CSA    Agreement Form:             Member Sign Up Pricings

  (Primary Shareholder name must be included on all checks)  Month Join/ Cost/ 12 wks of (June-Aug. ) Cost /Full 20 wks of  (June - Oct)

DO print and Send form below, separate from pmt, paypal etc.            ***January Memb Join/  $275/12 wk,   $450/20 wk ***      
       Feb Memb Join/  $285/12 wk,   $465/20 wk
       What is a CSA in a Nutshell?                                        *** Earliest Birds***               Mar Memb Join/  $295/12 wk,   $480/20 wk
       Pay discounted membership in advance                      *** BEST VALUE ***           Apr Memb Join/,  $305/12 wk   $495/20 wk
    Recieve Fresh Full Share$30 Mkt value Produce Weekly!                               May
 Memb Join/  $315/12 wk   $510/20 wk
   KNOW your Farmer, Assist this Local Farm to Grow for Many!                June Memb Join/  $325/12 wk   $525/20 wk
  20 week members ALL save $75 to $150 vs non members at Markets!             (SEE Paypal Page for  "1/2 share" smaller 1-2
 Member opportunities for Farm tour,Education & unique Gleening                person, half portion/ half cost price option details)
                                 Click the pmt arrow dropdown Button for all Options!

    DO USE  1 of these Docs for CSA , THANK YOU !                                                      Member Pickup  Days/ Locations
Aprox for season,   May add or revise...
PDF Document version                                                            Michigan  Thur.GreenHarborHealth Store StJoe 4-6pm
On Farm Thurs 330-630  Brown Bldg @NEW South sm.Door@ New Kitchen        WeeklyProduce_CSA_Word_doc_Klug_Orchards.pdf
24.0 KB
Indiana- South Bend Farmers Mkt  Sat, on South river side 
           at original  Klug Orchards Booths 112-114 Jun 9th &fwd
WORD Document version:                                                   Weds 6/6: Ravinia 7-1pm  by trainSt Prk 
16.6 KB
                Saturdays 6/09: 7-12pm @ Winnetka /Near Library, Willmette/Train Station,
                                                                                                         Independence Pk 2nd & 4th Sundays 8-1 10 wks (Pay 1/2 cost full)





MAIL address : Klug Orchards 8533 Pokagon Rd Berrien Center, MI 49102  ( Farm Entr & CSA is 8405 Signdrive ) 

MOST Illinois Locations our Farm has been with your Community for 20+ years, serving Michigan,SBend/ Mishawaka/ Notre Dame almost 45,  Thank YOU !

We’re looking forward to an abundant year ahead. See our LocalHarvest.org  Klug Orchards CSA site for more info.  Please DO copy this Agreement for your records and send us original with payment. Thank you for Partnering with us to Steward and Enjoy the Bounty our Creator has provided!            Kevin& Cathy Klug    

CSA, Market Family Growers of:
USDA Certified Organic via Ecocert/ICO 
Whole farm MAEAP Vertified via Mich/NRCS
MSU /IPM certified , Driftwatch Notification List 
of  Sustainable, Earth & People friendly, simple & savory selections of Crops on our Third Generation Family Farm!
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