Klug Orchards/Green Organics  Contact:
Kevin or Cathy Klug, Owners
Phone/ fax Home Office 1-269-684-3311
Mail:8533 Pokagon Rd.BerrienCenter,MI 49102
(Farm Entrance is @ 8405 Pokagon SignDrive)

Paypal Page

SECURELY pay via PAYPAL/ online options  here. We MUST ALSO still receive your completed Produce CSA Member signature FORM
CHECKS gladly accepted, just send w form to Mailing Address: Klug Orchard/Green Organics 8533 Pokagon Rd. Berrien Center, Mi 49102  

CSA "Half Amout"  :
recieve HALF Produce at Pickup for same #wks, $15 worth weekly vs Full $30 worth weekly x 12 or 20 weeks!

"Half share " & The # Weeks 12 or 20 Membership for Payment are in White Dropdown pmt option button arrow to find , even if you prefer to pay via check!  LOOK at the Paypal Item Arrow to see ALL Options for proper Full Information Access on Prices !!!

ALSO NOTE : ALL Deposits are non-refundable unless failure to produce item from your farm end. All meat items are on 1st come 1st reserve basis, supply may not equal your intended order so please verify potential availability by email at Klugorchards@gmail.com and use "Meat Verify" in subject.
PRODUCE CSA for mixed Fruits, Vegetable, Herbs, Flowers & Jams  is  ALWAYS available to join Any time... tho LATER than June joining CSA members pay directly, NOT any online option, use JUNE pricing, divide by weeks still remaining, subtract & simply pay that amount.

 We’re looking forward to an abundant year ahead. Please copy Pmts for your records,ALSO mandatory sign, copy send us Member FORM 
Thanks So Much for Partnering with us to Steward and Enjoy the Bounty our Creator has provided!   Kevin& Cathy Klug  
Revised 03-07-2017

January CSA

February CSA

March CSA

April CSA


June CSA
Lamb 15# total $155
Tender Young Beef 30# total $220

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