Klug Orchards/Green Organics  Contact:
Kevin or Cathy Klug, Owners
Phone/ fax Home Office 1-269-684-3311
Mail:8533 Pokagon Rd.BerrienCenter,MI 49102
(Farm Entrance is @ 8405 Pokagon SignDrive)

Meat-Only CSA Option - 2017 Klug Orchards
-Forms at bottom of page-

 “Tender Young Beef ” Pkg. Share Option  

Total Share: 30# lbs. = (Aprox 12# Grnd Beef 1#pks; 9# Prime Roasts,Steak cuts; 9# Stew,Soup Utility cuts)

Fresh Frozen & Sealed /Free Range Organic Pastured Beef fed all Natural & Organic Farm Produce plus
Minimum Grain also NonGmo, Our own Farm, Local Home Raised
with our Mini Horse, little fainting Goat & farm pets this 1 Season for a Happy, Young, Tender Beef !
Cost: $220.00  with $75 non refundable deposit, $145 final pmt upon Meat pickup in Fall

"True & Tasty Lamb" 1/2 Share Option

Total Share: 15# lbs. = Fresh Frozen, wrapped mixture of All cuts from 1/2 of Lamb 
Our local Farm raised Young Yearling, From our farm to tender, healthful Meals

Spring Lamb Perfect for Fall Feasts and Winter Meals, Know your Source, Know its Great!

Cost: $155.00  with $75 non refundable deposit, $80 final pmt upon Meat pickup in Fall

Please print and mail in the form below as explained on the form itself. (even if you are paying via the paypal link on this site).

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