Klug Orchards/Green Organics  Contact:
Kevin or Cathy Klug, Owners
Phone/ fax Home Office 1-269-684-3311
Mail:8533 Pokagon Rd.BerrienCenter,MI 49102
(Farm Entrance is @ 8405 Pokagon SignDrive)


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Nancy said:   February 27, 2012 7:01 pm PST
I went to the farmer's market at Daley plaza and got to know about the Klug Orchards farm there~ It was such a pleasant surprise that I found all of the fruits that I love they are selling Organic choices as well! They have the best tasting Blueberries, Raspberries, Tomato, Melons, Donut peaches, apples, plums, beans, eggplant, etc~~ Every time I have a bite of their fruits/ veggies, they were the best tasting ones I have ever tried!! The tomatoes were so red and fresh! The Melons were so sweet and fruity! The raspberries I bought from them were the best tasting I had ever had! My friend who tagged along with me never liked raspberries until she tried those, she was so surprised to discover that "Real fresh organic raspberries were not sour at all!" They were actually very sweet and fruity! I was so happy with all my purchases at the Klug Orchards every time I went to the farmer's market that I got completely hooked last year. Now I started joining their CSA this year! I am so excited to go to the farmer's market again all the coming spring and fall now on! Thank you so much Cathy and Kevin (Also big thanks to all of your workers who had been very nice and patience with me) ! I appreciate + love all of your great work of fresh healthy fruits and veggies growing in your farm! God bless your lovely farm and family!

Marvin L. Zinn said:   January 19, 2011 5:28 am PST
There is no food better than the way God created it. I will send another e-mail with an attachment that describes my health, which is why I appreciate your doing things right. marvin

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